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What is a Registered Counsellor?

A Registered Counsellor is a human who has studied for a minimum of 4 years to obtain a degree in psychological counselling. In order to call ourselves a Registered Counsellor, we have to have an up-to-date membership with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. This membership is possible after ensuring we have the appropriate education, 720 hours of training and passed the HPCSA ethics board exam.

In short, a Registered Counsellor is a psychological practitioners who can perform psychological screening, basic assessment and psychological interventions with individuals and groups, aimed at enhancing personal functioning (HPCSA, 2019).

How long can I work with a Registered Counsellor?

This depends on your mental health goal! Registered Counsellors provide counselling over a short period, usually between one and twelve sessions to work with clients’ current challenges. As a psychological practitioner, Registered Counsellors are able to work with groups and individuals to examine their thoughts, emotions and behaviours in order to promote personal awareness and self-confidence as a way to improve their psychological wellbeing and mental health.

So who can see a Registered Counsellor?

Anyone in South Africa seeking supportive counselling can see an RC. This includes humans who are needing screening, assessment, psycho-education, evidence-based techniques for coping as well as psychological interventions. However those who are struggling with diagnosed mental illnesses need to be working with a HPCSA Psychologist or Psychiatrist. It is important to note that Registered counsellors screen for but do not diagnose psychopathology or prescribe any medication."

Reach out

Reach out and let's chat by booking a free 15 minute consultation with me to assess whether I can assist you. If you feel there is not a connection, or don't feel ready for this step, I can assist in pointing you in directions that you might prefer.

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